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Frog Pictures gallore is what this section is all about. Some of these pitures are taken of frogs in the wild, while others are taken of frogs being kept as pets.
- African Clawed Frog - Northern Leopard Frog
- Boreal Chorus Frog - Ornate Chorus Frog
- California Tree Frog - Pacific Tree Frog
- Common Frog - Painted Frog
- Corroboree Frog - Spring Peeper
- Cuban Tree Frog - Stoney Creek Frog
- Eastern Banjo Frog - Tusked Frog
- Edible Frog - Upland Chorus Frog
- Fire Belly Toad - Waxy Tree Frog
- Giant Leaf Frog - Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog

- Great Barred Frog

- Grey Tree Frog  
- Jervis Bay Tree Frog  
- Leopard Frog  
- Long-Thumbed Frog  
- Marsh Frog  
- Moor Frog  
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