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Wood Frog Care Sheet

Description: These frogs can actually freeze themselves completely solid and then unthaw as the temperature warms.
Scientific Name: Lithobates sylvaticus
Average Size: Up to 3 inches
Origin: Canada and northern parts of the United States


The Wood Frog feeds on a variety of smaller insects. These insects include crickets, mealworms, earthworms and even small grasshoppers or moths.

Wood Frogs will drink their water from a dish so provide them with clean water at all times. Make sure the dish that you give them their water in is shallow enough that they will not have problems getting to it.



Lighting: These frogs will require a fair bit of UVB light during the daytime.
Physical Design: Wood Frogs will need a sufficient amount of plants in their habitat so that they can hide when they are scared.
Size: In the wild Wood Frogs do not move far from their home area but they will still require a fair bit of space in captivity to move. A 20 gallon aquarium should be the minimum size for one or two Wood Frogs.
Substrate: In the wild the Wood Frog lives on soil so that or peat moss will work well in captivity. Bark chips would also be acceptable as a substrate.
Temperature: Since Wood Frogs come from cooler areas of the world the daytime temperature should remain about 75 degrees F. At night the temperature should drop to about 65 degrees F to 70 degrees F.
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