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Monkey Tree Frog Care Sheet

Description: The Monkey Tree Frog is similar in appearance to the Waxy Tree Frog although it is much smaller. The get their name due to the fact that they do not hop, instead the climb using their hands and feet just like monkeys.
Scientific Name: Phyllomedusinae.spp
Lifespan: 8 to 10 years
Average Size: 2 to 5 inches


These frogs are fairly small meaning you will not want to feed them large insects. Give them a variety of feeder insects including a good percentage of crickets. All insects that are fed to them should be dusted with calcium first.

Monkey Tree Frogs will need a source of fresh drinking water available to them at all times.



Humidity: A relatively low level of humidity should be used for these frogs.
Physical Design: Provide a variety of larger branches and logs for your Monkey Tree Frog to climb on.
Substrate: Mulch is usually the best selection as a substrate for these frogs. Avoid small pebbles
Temperature: Temperature near the basking light of your Monkey Tree Frogs habitat should remain between 90 and 95 degrees F. This will allow the bottom of the enclosure to remain cooler. That way the frog can feel out the temperature gradient and find a place that is comfortable for it.
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