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Mantella Frog Care Sheet

Description: Mantella Frogs come from Madagascar where they make their home in the swamps. Generally they get along well with other Mantella Frogs which allows you to get multiple ones in the same habitat. These frogs are known for existing in a wide variety of bright colors.
Scientific Name: Mantella spp
Lifespan: 5 or more years
Average Size: 1 inch
Origin: Madagascar


Due to the small size of the Mantella Frog, care must be taken to ensure that their food can fit in their mouth. Small crickets as well as fruit flies make the best food.

Mantella Frogs will need a good supply of fresh drinking water. These dishes should not be very deep as these frogs are not great swimmers. If you have a larger habitat place 2 or 3 water dishes throughout.



Humidity: A humidity level between 60% and 70% will be requried at all times for these frogs. Misting the aquarium throughout the day will help achieve this humidity level.
Physical Design:

Ensure that there are sufficient hiding places in the habitat for each frog.

Be sure to have a secure lid on the tank as these frogs are known to escape easily.

Size: A 5 gallon tank is necessary for a single Mantella Frog. If you wish to house multiples together be sure to increase the tank size accordingly.
Substrate: The substrate should be deep enough to allow them to burrow if they wish.
Temperature: The temperature level for these frogs should be between 75 and 85 degrees F during the day. At night a temperature drop between 5 and 10 degrees should occur in order to keep them comfortable.
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