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Green Tree Frog Care Sheet

Description: The Green Tree Frog has a bright green color with distinctive white stripes.
Scientific Name: Hylidae cinerea
Lifespan: 3 to 5 years
Average Size: 2 inches
Origin: Southern United States


Crickets and mealworms make great food for Green Tree Frogs. They eat only meat so you do not need to feed them any plant matter. Calcium and multivitamin supplements should be dusted onto their food before you feed it to them.


Humidity: Misting of the habitat will help to obtain the required humidity level. These frogs come from semi-tropical environments so a moderate humidity level will be needed.
Lighting: Green Tree Frogs have no particular lighting requirements since they sleep during the night.
Physical Design: As with most frogs Green Tree frogs are escape artists. Especially these frogs because they are adapted to climbing trees. Make sure the enclosure you place them in is plenty tall to avoid escape. It should also have a securely attached top on it.
Size: An aquarium tank works well and should be between 10 to 15 gallons in size. When using an aquarium tank you will need to make sure that the habitat still has sufficient air circulation. Without air flow the humidity can rise drastically and it can make it difficult to control the temperature.
Substrate: Reptile carpet or peat moss make the best substrates for these frogs.
Temperature: Approximately 75 degrees F is an optimal temperature for Green Tree Frogs.
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