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Gray Tree Frog Care Sheet

Description: Most Gray Tree Frogs have a light and dark gray marbled appearance.
Scientific Name: Hyla versicolor
Average Size: Up to 2 inches in length
Origin: North America


Just about insect of suitable size can be fed to a Gray Tree Frog. They prefer insects which have soft outter bodies because they are much easier for them to chew. Crickets are the best idea for nutritional value but other insects should also be used to provide variety.

Gray Tree Frogs will certainly drink water from a dish so clean water must be provided all the time.



Humidity: The humidity level for Gray Tree Frogs should be kept between 60% and 80%.
Physical Design: Since the Gray Tree Frog spends most of its time in the trees it will need a variety of plants and branches to climb on.
Size: A minimum of a 15 gallon aquarium will be required for a Gray Tree Frog. When they are active at the they will move around all over their habitat so bigger is much better for this species.
Substrate: Potting soil or peat moss is the best idea for a substrate but a variety of items would work. Potting soil works well because it holds moisture well which will help you obtain the recommended high level of humidity.
Temperature: 70 degrees F to 80 degrees F is the ideal temperature for Gray Tree Frogs. They can however tolerate temperature fluctuations and extremes much better than most other types of frogs.
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