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Frogs and toads are all around us in our everyday lives. Frogs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Many people like to keep frogs as pets which is the focus of our website although we do provide information about frogs in the wild as well. Read on to learn all about keeping frogs as pets and browse through our large and ever-growing collection of frog pictures.

Captive Frog Care

Our frog care sheets section contains valuable care information if you are keeping frogs as pets. They go into detail about how to feed, house and care for your type of frog. You will also find our frog health section usefull in case your frog becomes sick. Monitoring the health of your frog is important to do on an ongoing basis as many diseases only have subtle signs in their early stages.
Frogs Archive Additions
A variety of Frog Pictures have been added.
Our Red-Eyed Tree frog care sheet is now available.
Bacteria Infections commonly occur in captive frogs.
Read about monkey tree frogs with our care sheet.
Take a peek at our updated frogs glossary.
Read through our Mantella frog care sheet.
Learn more about the nematode disease.
Read all about fungal infections in your frog.
Look at our pictures of the Long-Thumbed Frog.
Read through our updated glossary.
Take a look at these Jervis Bay Tree Frog pictures.
View our Northern Leopard Frog pictures.
Pictures of the Moor Frog are now available.
Read over our Fire-Belly Toad care sheet.
View our pictures of the Marsh Frog.
Overcrowding is dangerous to frogs.
We have added more information to the Pacman Frog care sheet.
Take a look at our pictures of the Leopard Frog.
Our Wood Frog care sheet has been updated.
Browse through our Giant Leaf Frog pictures.
We have updated our frogs glossary.
Our Gray Tree Frog care sheet has been updated.
Be sure to keep chemicals away from your frogs.
View our new Eastern Banjo Frog pictures.
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